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Friday, June 02, 2017

Facebook and cavalier [superficial] Ufology

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I have two Facebook pages (maybe three): one for my MediaWatch effort(s) and one with a UFO emphasis.

I rarely input anything at the UFO page, and the MW page is flush with commentary about local news media in my area.

There a few UFO “friends” inside the MW venue, ufologists who take UFOs seriously but who get responses of the Facebook kind from their “friends” and that’s where UFOs and ufology goes off track.

Facebook is geared to the instant retort, the glib comment.

People just want to be noticed.

UFOs and ufology get a smattering of serious insight or incisive scrutiny on or in Facebook.

Gilles Fernandez, Jose Caravaca, and Martin Kottmeyer (using a nom de plume) often get lots of comments or responses (emojis among them), but Facebook is not suited to astute or fecund thought, little better than Twitter, where commentary is limited to 140 characters.

More important, Facebook input (posts) eventually get lost in the swelter of debris that accumulates during a FB member’s membership over the years (or months, even); that is, postings are suffocated by all the egregious additions that Facebook and members add to their pages each day.

Worthwhile postings (often rare) are lost in the swamp of sh*t that piles up on or in each FB page.

Thus, UFO information and news, ufological musings, are victims of the garbage dump approach that is the essence of Facebook entries.

My UFO Facebook page is replete with materials by and from UFO “friends” lost by time and the glib insertions they add to their FB page, personal information and “news” that has nothing to do with UFOs or ufology.

Facebook is a hodgepodge of crap with occasional insertions of an edifying nature, which is often eschewed for the attempt(s) at attention and popularity by people hoping to get a viral response or “like” from those they have accumulated as “friends.”

I have about 350 UFO “friends” at my UFO page and 1083 “friends” at my MediaWatch page, of which a handful are really friends.

And even my offerings of academic or cultural input is often ignored for the smart ass post or snide response.

My point here is to alert my UFO comrades to the transitory nature of their postings and material, much of it that will be lost to time and efficacy by the frivolous nature of Facebook and its conglomeration of ignorant rabble who haunt the venue with pastiches of dreck.

If one wants a ufological legacy, Facebook is not the place to get it.



  • Facebook tends to be an echo chamber. One tends to be preaching to the choir with little dissenting opinions.

    IMHO, it has become a sad commentary concerning social behavior. Things are bad enough that I felt compelled to "unfriend" my very own daughter last night. As I would later do in a follow-up phone call, I'm totally disappointed in the lack of intelligence and critical thinking shown on her postings.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Friday, June 02, 2017  

  • I have noted at my MW page that my Facebook followers are philistines, and they love that, Tim.

    I block really stupid people, but my "friends" -- mostly newsies -- just take a hit about their stupidity and keep providing dumb responses and postings (to their FB pages).

    Facebook is a devolution in thought and intelligence, Zuckerberg the social media anti-Christ.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, June 02, 2017  

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